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LifeChoice Pregnancy Center is a non-profit organization which caters to women in crisis pregnancies or in unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. We do not do abortions nor do we refer for abortions. We are a Christian-motivated, Bible believing and safe place for any and all women seeking help.

LifeChoice offers FREE pregnancy tests. We do not charge for any of our services, which includes a program for mothers-to-be or mothers who already have babies or children up to 2 years of age who need help and guidance. This program is called "Earn While You Learn" and every client who desires to go through this program is urged to do so. Once a week a client comes to the Center, watches a video which is part of the program that fits her circumstances at the time, whether she is pregnant or has a child or children already born.

The clients are taken into a counseling room which is provided with a television and VCR to show the videos, comfortable chairs or a sofa, pens/pencils and paper/worksheets. Once the video is ended and the client has finished with the worksheet, the peer Counselor goes in and the two discuss the answers to the video, discuss the Bible Study lesson if there is one, and the clients are encouraged to discuss any problems they would like to share with us and receive our feedback. We always welcome this type of inter-action for our clients. We have 3 counseling rooms and available Counselors on both days that LifeChoice is open.

We do not handle "real money" at the Center, but we do have Mommy Money which is similar to a point coupon such as $1 or $5. Our clients will receive 2 mommy dollars for keeping her appointment each week, 1 mommy dollar for watching the video, 1 for answering the worksheet which is part of the curriculum which goes along with the video, 1 for doing her homework from the prior week, 1 for doing her Bible Study homework (if the client desires the Bible Study...this is not mandatory, but left to the client to choose), 1 for any brochure she brings back which might have been used for homework, and 1 for each Scripture verse she memorizes (also optional). Therefore she might earn as much as $8 in mommy money in one visit.

With her mommy money, she can visit our shopping area where we provide everything that she will need for a new baby, including car seats and formula. She can buy 24 diapers for $1 mommy dollar, 2 beautiful new or used baby outfits for $1, etc. Of course we have bottles, blankets, bibs, even items for the premies. The majority of this area is donated to us by local people, churches, clubs, organizations, etc. There are 14 local churches who support LifeChoice by having us in their church budgets each year. We are also funded by some grants and from our fundraiser, the "Baby Bottle Fund" which starts each year with the Sanctity of Human Life month of January. Churches who participate in this fund receive empty baby bottles from us, distribute them among their congregation, and then return them to us filled with change, bills, checks or all three. We try to bring this collection to an end by the last of June. All of the money from the baby bottle fund is used to purchase new baby items for the mothers to buy with their mommy money for their babies.

LifeChoice also provides a closet of maternity clothes, etc. for the expectant mother. These are also purchased with the mommy money, which will buy 2 outfits for the mother for $1 mommy dollar. We accept all material and monetary donations. The only items we don't accept are toys, except for some bigger floor toys like walkers, strollers, etc. LifeChoice does not pay for any items received from donors.

We believe that God is the Creator of life and that life begins at conception. However, our clients are not required to believe the same as we do. Our doors are open to all women regardless of age, color, creed, race, religion or any other reason. Being a Christian organization, though, we always discuss the Gospel with each client with no pressure on them to believe the same as we do. We give brochures on how to find peace with God, along with any other selected brochures which might help the client, including warnings about STDs, abortion, pregnancy, marriage and other subjects. We also offer free Bibles, New Testaments, children's books, etc. which are available to all who ask for them.

At LifeChoice our Counselors and Volunteers do not judge, condemn, discriminate, look down on, or turn away any person coming to us for our services. We show no favoritism toward any select group or race or individual. We welcome any woman seeking our counseling services to contact us to arrange an appointment.

At LifeChoice we make sure that all of our clients receive equal attention and teach that all children are made in the image of God.

If you or any girl/woman you know is pregnant and needs help, please call us at LifeChoice Pregnancy Center at 334-252-0894 and make an appointment to come in and see us. We are open every Monday and Tuesday and see clients from 1:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. We do take walk-ins, but if someone is there with an appointment, they will be seen first.

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*Not Intended as a substitute for professional counseling. LifeChoice does not perform or refer abortion.